Eco-Tourism Practises

Everview Retreat was “a blank canvas” for artists Liz and Kyle when they purchased 11.5 acres of land overlooking the Lachlan valley

This enabled them to create their accommodation dream with a strong eco-tourism focus. Using rock (basalt and granite with some bluestone) they harvested from the ground and using recycled materials where possible to build the cottages ‘they made a good start to achieving this dream. The retreat runs purely on rain water which is stored in multiple and cleverly interconnected tanks so that water can be moved around the property as is needed. Some 6,000 trees, bushes and  shrubs, which are mostly natives and drought tolerant, have attracted birds and native animals in numbers which can only be described as amazing.

Certainly Everview is a “twitcher’s" heaven. Kyle and Liz live in harmony with resident hares, echidnas and the occasional visiting wallaby or kangaroo. Mobile lawn mowers alpacas and sheep keep their  grass short and supply wool for handmade garments.

Solar panels, recycled water to irrigate gardens and solar lights all contributed to the 2010 Award for ‘Energy Efficiency”